Our Principle


Social Responsibilities:

India with a huge population resulting into unemployment which leads to degradation of the society so as a social responsibility there is a huge scope in the field of manpower recruitment & supply. Our business comes with a very heavy social responsibility. And we assume such challenges. For many Indian families, the only alternative to better their lives is to work in metropolitan cities. We acknowledge the many sacrifices a family will have to go through when a family member chooses to work outside their home town. This dream of better life starts with us when they take their first step walking through our door with the expectation that we shall find them a job. For years thousands took that first step with us and eventually realized an improved life. We take the honor and humble pride for serving our social purpose and indeed we exist to serve our fellowmen and country.

Business Transparency:

Our company strictly adheres to a sound and fair business approach through a self-imposed demand for transparency. The business of manpower recruitment in India presents many opportunities for making profit at the miseries of small town job seekers. At HARSH, we declare strong resentment of such practice. A good recruitment & manpower supply agency practices what we ourselves call “responsible deployment.” This calls for full and accurate declaration of job responsibilities and corresponding compensation of selected candidates. As such we demand full declaration from the side of employer to ensure candidate are well-informed of all his job responsibilities and employment terms and conditions.


As HARSH Enterprises is ISO 9001:2008 so we always strive for excellence. Through our perseverance and dedication to our job, our effective and efficient management team, our constant self-improvement, and our sense of social responsibility to provide quality jobs. To achieve quality service though, we make sure that we understand and appreciate the meaning of quality. For us, this simply means meeting our customers expectations and even exceeding them most of the time through some extra effort to provide other value added services to our clients.
For us quality involves everyone: Our supplier, our organization and our valued clients. Success of any given project will not be realized without the participation of each of these three components. Sadly for some of our clients, they do not realize that for us to deliver quality service, we need their participation. We take great length of effort in choosing not only our suppliers but also our clients to ensure projects we handle are in line with our “quality development” principles to achieve our commitment to the Quality management of our organization.